5 things to do before Christmas – plumbing and roofing maintenance

Whether you call a plumber or DIY your plumbing maintenance, be sure to tick off the following points before Christmas so your plumbing is in tip-top shape for the festive season.

  1. Gutter and roof clean Gutter and downpipe cleaning is essential for December storms. A clean stormwater system means less chance of water in your ceiling or falling at your foundations (and more water in the rainwater tank if you have one!) Read why gutter and downpipe cleaning is important here.

  2. Hot water system flush Flush your hot water system to get rid of the mineral deposits. Getting rid of the sediment not only extends the life of your hot water system but prevents valves getting clogged, causing no hot water.

Read why hot water system maintenance is important here.

  1. Remove mineral deposits For the same reason as above, mineral deposits (limescale) can clog fixtures. Read how to clean off limescale here.

Before and after limescale removal bathtub
Limescale can block plumbing fixtures

  1. Check fixtures for leaks Taps and fittings can become loose or worn out over time. It's common to find parts that could use an update or a simple tighten.

  2. Check drains are flowing Check your sink water quickly drains away, and while you’re there – check the water is quickly draining away (and there’s no smelly drains) Read more: 5 reasons your bathroom smells like a sewer (and how to fix them!)

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