6 Whirlybird Questions Answered

When working with clients on their reroofs, we’re asked plenty of questions about whirlybirds, from whether they work through to how much noise they make.

Here’s our answers to our most frequently asked questions:

1. Are whirlybirds noisy?

If your whirly bird is noisy, it’s defective or broken. A functioning whirly bird is almost silent. Cheap or incorrectly installed whirly birds are prone to wearing out quickly or bending, which causes noise.

2. Can whirly birds be installed on a house?

Yes, whirly birds make great additions to residential roofs. Roof ventilation is important, especially in the Gympie climate. Installing a whirlybird allows the hot air trapped in your roof to escape, significantly cooling your home in summer, and removing moisture in winter.

3. Do whirly birds work in winter?

Yes, whirlybirds are still beneficial in winter. Whirlybirds extract moisture from the ceiling space during winter. Having adequate whirlybird ventilation means that moisture can evaporate from the roof space, reducing the risk of mould and mildew build up.

4. Do whirly birds work when there’s no wind?

Whirlybirds are designed to spin even in the lightest winds. Whirlybirds extract hot air via two ways; convection and creating a vacuum. A stronger wind creates a stronger vacuum for a more powerful the extraction. As hot air rises through convection currents, it can still escape no matter the wind speed.

5. Do whirlybirds leak?

Whirlybirds are designed to withstand all kinds of conditions, including rain. Their overlapping fins make water unable to penetrate it which means no leaks!

6. Are whirly birds expensive?

Material pricing changes frequently so it’s best to give Andrew a call on 0418 800 018 to arrange a quote.

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Whirlybirds on a new metal roof