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8 Plants That Thrive in the Bathroom

The best houseplants for your bathroom thrive in damp, warm temperatures.

The higher humidity levels in the bathroom help plenty of plants flourish.

Create a serene bathroom to unwind in by adding plants on the windowsill, on the corner of a basin or from a hanging basket.

Check out our favourites for natural-light-filled bathrooms and darker bathrooms below:

Well lit, indirect light

1) Spider Plant

Spider plants are versatile when it comes to light conditions but prefer bright, indirect light. The variety enjoys moisture, making it perfect match for your bathroom.

2) Air Plant

Air plants don't need soil for survival. When in a moist environment, they can get most of their water and nutrients from the air. It is no wonder they are known as one of the world's easiest houseplants. Sprinkle them around and voila - indoor design.

3) Monstera

Monsteras prefer a well lit indoor spot with plenty of room to grow. Water weekly or when the soil is dry. The leaves will need to be polished with a damp cloth to remove dust to allow the plant to breathe and absorb moisture.

4) Peace Lily

A peace lily will be happy in a sunny bathroom next to a shower. Water deeply and allow the soil to dry out between watering. Water again when the leaves start to droop.

Low light

5) Eternity Plant

Also known as the ZZ plant for Zamioculcas zamifolia, the eternity plant gets its name because it can last forever, even when under the care of a brown-thumb. Very little water is needed and low to medium light is preferred.

6) Snake plant

A snake plant, also charmingly known as "mother-in-law’s tongue", is another plant that doesn't need a lot of care. Low-light is fine, neglect is tolerated.

7) Devils Ivy

This tough trailing plant will grow virtually anywhere - from hanging baskets to cuttings placed in a glass vase. It can handle dimly lit rooms and will forgive you for the times you forget to water it.

8) Philodendron

Philodendron vines can go long periods between watering and can tolerate most lighting conditions. Try growing it from a hanging basket to save on counter space.

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