Gas Appliance Servicing and Maintenance Tips

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Save money by using these tips

1. Service appliances annually (or as recommended by the manufacturer)

Most gas appliances need to be serviced annually in order to run safely and efficiently. This includes most gas hot water systems, gas stoves and gas ovens. It's always a good idea to check the appliance's owner's manual which will tell you the manufacturer's recommended frequency of service. By law, the service needs to be done by a qualified gas fitter. We will look for any leaks or worn out parts that are due for replacement. Replacing them during a service will help avoid any unexpected emergency gas leaks.

2. Look after gas ovens and stoves

  • Inspect the gas oven's door seals to ensure the appliance doesn't lose heat while in use;

  • Wipe up any spills shortly after they happen so they don't get baked-on and become difficult to remove. Built up grease can make your oven unpleasant looking, a potential health hazard or a fire risk;

  • Check all light bulbs built into the cooker are working each time you use it.

3. Maintain your gas heater

  • Watch that the heater doesn't have an accumulation of soot;

  • Check to see if the walls surrounding the gas heater are hot to touch when using the appliance, or there are signs of heat damage (e.g. discoloured walls);

  • An eye irritation or acrid smell can be a sign something is wrong;

  • Watch your pilot light when lighting the gas heater. If it blows out frequently, or 'pops' it's time to call a gas fitter.