Gas Fitting FAQ's

Do all plumbers do gas servicing?

No, we have some of our employees receive extra training in order to be licensed to do both.

Do I need a license to do my own gas work?

Yes, it's illegal to perform your own gas work without a license, and very dangerous. Gas leaks and explosions kill 17 people every year, and make countless more ill due to exposure to natural gas. Many also lose their homes to explosions and fires caused by leaks. It's one of those things that you just have to leave to the expert gas fitters.

What should I do if I smell gas in my house?

Turn off all gas appliances and your meter immediately. Open all windows and doors, and call us anytime on 0418 800 018. We're a 24/7 gas fitter in Gympie, Tin Can Bay and the surrounding area, including Kilkivan. You will receive priority service due to the serious nature of gas leaks.

What do gas fitters do?

We can install, repair and alter gas appliances. This includes connecting and disconnecting gas lines and ventilation to ensure safe operation.

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Plumbers need additional training and licensing to complete gas work.