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How to pick the best bathtub

Whether you’re looking for the perfect bathtub for a family or a perfect bathtub for your dream bathroom renovation, we have your research covered.

Here are the key things you need to know before buying a new bathtub:

What bathtubs are on the market?

  1. Free standing bathtub

  2. Inset bathtub

  3. Back to wall bathtub

Free standing bathtub

Freestanding bathtubs have a bold look. They are usually installed as a show-stopping focal point of a bathroom. This type of bathtub doesn’t need wall support, so they can be placed anywhere in the bathroom.

Freestanding bathtubs are available in a variety of styles and materials, from pressed steel to ceramic.

Best suited for large bathrooms, freestanding bathtubs usually start at 1500mm in length.

When looking at the placement of a freestanding bathtub, it is important to consider the distance from the wall. To allow for ease of cleaning behind the bath, we recommend at least 500mm.

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Inset bathtub

If you’re working with a smaller floor plan, an inset bath can be a great choice. There’s a number of different sizes available that vary from 1200mm to 1900mm.

Inset baths are built into a hob for support and is then tiled over.

The surrounding ledge around a inset bathtub gives added storage space and is particularly handy for parents when bathing children. The space is easily cleaned as there are no gaps for dust and grime to hide behind.

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Back to wall bathtub

Back to wall bathtub

Back to wall bathtubs are a hybrid of both inset and free standing bathtubs – perfect if you want the support of an inset bath, but still want the striking design of a freestanding bathtub.

This design also offers ledge space for storage and ease of cleaning as there is no gap between the wall and bathtub.

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The best way to get a sense of a bathtub is to experience it! Visit a Gympie bathroom showroom at Reece, Tradelink, North Coast Plumbing (NCP), Sunshine Mitre 10 or Bunnings.

Newk’s Plumbing Gympie has been doing plumbing renovations and bathroom rough ins for over 30years. Give Andrew a call on 0418 800 018 to discuss your next plumbing project.

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