Preparing for Storm Season in Gympie

If a storm were to hit today, would you be prepared? Queenslander’s have so much to celebrate about their home state: XXXX Gold, the Mighty Maroons, pristine beaches, rainforests and bushlands to name a few.

Unfortunately, Queensland doesn’t come without its setbacks. Example A: unpredictable weather events. To give yourself the best chances of protecting your property this storm season, read the storm ready check list below. It is best to address these points now before a storm event hits. A small effort now will help avoid costly damages later.

As a rule: Gutter and downpipe cleaning should be done twice a year

Gutter and downpipe cleaning

Having your gutters and downpipes cleaned is key to protecting your property this storm season. Gutters and downpipes should be cleaned at least annually to ensure water can easily drain into stormwater pipes or into a water storage tank. However, depending on your property, it may need to be more often. It is possible for all kinds of things to end up on your roof when winds pick up. Sticks, leaves, dirt or rubbish can block gutters and drains causing water to overflow into your walls and ceiling. Overfull gutters and water can create environments that encourage vermin, mould growth and smells through your property.

Drain cleaning

It is common and likely for drains to overflow during a storm event. Fast flowing stormwater can cause flash flooding around your home if drains aren’t clear of debris or tree roots. Drain cleaning is arguably the most overlooked step in storm preparation until there is a problem.

Expert plumbers have the equipment and machinery to clear your drains effectively. It is important to hire a professional plumber to ensure damage is not caused to underground pipe systems.

Fix your leaks

Tiny leaks in gutters, downpipes or your roof can become very noticeable during a heavy downpour. Repairing a water leak is easiest the sooner one is suspected.

Tidy the garden

We are probably all guilty of keeping this as one of those jobs that never gets done. That little pile of garden waste stacked away discreetly? Howling winds can spread your garden waste across your property. If it lands on your roof, heavy rain will wash it into your drains and they will be clogged in a flash. Save the drama and dispose of it now.

Check your water tank

Aim to store every drop. Inspect the tank’s filter screen, lid and overflow for debris or anything that will prevent rain water moving from the downpipe into the tank.

Prepare for hail

When hail hits, it hits fast. Create a hail storm plan. Have a protected place for your car, outdoor equipment, pets, livestock etc. Consider where your nearest undercover parking is. Stay in a sheltered location away from windows or skylights in case hail shatters the glass. It is important to also check your insurance policy is up to date before you need it.

Check your backflow

If you manage a backflow device, it is best to get it tested by a professional plumber before storm season. Backflow prevention is important to keep your drinking water clean, plus Council regulations state they need to be tested at least annually.

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