Product Trend: Retractable Mixer

Modern kitchens need stylish, practical appliances and taps.

There are various kitchen taps and mixers on the market, but none as sought after as the retractable mixer.

Why install a retractable mixer?


  • Easily fill and rinse large pots and pans that mightn't otherwise fit under your tap head.

  • Rinse food and veggies with a dual spray depending on the application.

  • Cleaning becomes more efficient as the spout can reach all areas of the sink


  • Costs more than a standard mixer

Retractable mixers are available at all price points.

Here are our top picks:

Price: Under $200*

Caroma Husk Retractable Dual Spray Mixer Tap Chrome (4 Star)

Caroma Cardinal Retractable Dual Spray Mixer in Chrome

Price: $200-400*

Dorf Vixen Retractable Sink Mixer

Price: $400-600*

Suprema XTRAVERT XpressFit Retractable Mixer in Satin finish in Satin Stainless Steel

Price: $600+

Suprema XACTA XpressFit Retractable Mixer in Gunmetal finish in Gunmetal

Suprema XACTA XpressFit Retractable Mixer in Rosegold finish in Rosegold

Suprema XACTA XpressFit Retractable Mixer in Polished finish in Polished Stainless Steel

*Prices were correct at time of publishing. Please note these are subject to change without notification.

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