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Product Trend: Rimless Toilet

There has been a renewed focus on the power of wellness since 2020.

Because of this, the latest bathrooms trends and products support boosting hygiene in the bathroom.

Take the rimless toilet for instance - this new toilet design removes the rim from the pan, reducing opportunities for dirt, grime and germs to hide.

What’s the difference between a traditional toilet and a rimless toilet?

Traditional toilets, when you flush, distribute water from under the rim to dispose of water.

Rimless toilets flush water around the whole pan, removing the need for a rim, and removing the need for specialised cleaning brushes!

Why invest in a rimless toilet?

· Easy to clean

· Powerful flush for a whole bowl clean

· Controlled water flow eliminates splash back

· Low water use: Most are WELS 4 star rated, 4.5/3L (3.5L avg/flush)

Rimless technology is available at all price points for toilets for any bathroom.

Here are our top picks:

Price: Under $500*

Price: Under $1,000*

Price: Under $1,500*

Price: Over $2,000*

*Prices were correct at time of publishing. Please note these are subject to change without notification.

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