Roof leak do's and don'ts


  • Call us - we are available for all plumbing emergencies 24/7

  • Move electrical items away from the location of the leak

  • Place a catching tray under the leak

If you can safely enter your ceiling space, it is best to catch the water coming through your roof, rather than it making its way through your ceiling sheet and onto your flooring.

Tip: If it is safe to enter your ceiling, put the catching tray on a solid beam rather than on top of the insulation.


  • Don't be afraid to call a professional.

  • If you're unsure if your roof can hold your weight or ensure if it is safe, do not get up there yourself.

  • The same caution applies if you aren't sure if your ceiling space will hold your weight.

You don't want to have to call an emergency builder as well!

Get in touch for fast roof leak repairs

A roof leak can damage:

  • Ceiling and paint work

  • Seep into bricks damaging mortar

  • Soak into the foundations increasing building movement

  • Wet foundations and walls will cause damp and mildew

  • Soak into stud walls attracting white ants

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