Roof Plumber vs Roofer vs Roof Contractor

With questionable roofing companies popping up after storm season, it is important to know who you are dealing with when choosing your roofing specialist.

When something happens to your roof, who do you call to fix or replace it?

Here’s what’s in the name:


“Roofer” is a general term used to describe anyone who works on a roof, including licensed roofing contractors, unlicensed roofers and labourers.

Roof plumber

Roof plumbers are trained and qualified to install metal roof sheeting, gutters, downpipes, rainwater tanks and flashings on residential roofs and commercial roofs. They are trained to read and interpret technical diagrams so they can install roof drainage systems of varying angles, on all types of buildings. Roof plumbers also ensure water tanks collect the maximum amount of rain water by calculating the correct pitch of the roof and gutters.

Note: Roof plumbers look after all aspects of metal roofing. It is easiest to find a reputable roof plumbing company and use them to look after your projects – from roof maintenance, to roof replacement, or collecting and disposing of stormwater.

Roofing contractor

Roofing contractors have a government-issued license that certifies they are skilled and trained to fix, repair and replace roofs. Roofing contractors usually bring a team with them and their licence includes the supervision of these workers.

Note: It is important when you engage a roofing company, that they are licensed. Hiring a licensed roofer protects you from unethical practices and shoddy workmanship which could void your insurance and cost you money in the long run.

Roofer, roof plumber, roof contactor Andrew Newcombe

Meet our director Andrew Newcombe

Andrew is a Gympie roofer because he works on roofs.

Andrew is also a Gympie roof plumber because he is qualified to perform roofing.

He is also a Gympie roofing contractor because he has a QBCC license that is used to supervise the roof plumbers he employs through Newk’s Plumbing Gympie.

Contact Andrew to discuss your roofing needs on 0418 800 018.