Roof ventilation: How does it work?

In Gympie, Queensland, roof cavities can exceed 60°C in summer. Without ventilation, heat gets trapped and enters your home. Regulating the temperature of your ceiling cavity is as easy as installing a cost effective ventilation system (such as a whirly bird), to cool your ceiling space and ultimately your home.

Let’s get into the nuts and bolts of it (pun intended):

What is roof ventilation?

The purpose of roof ventilation is to refresh the air in your ceiling cavity.

In summer, this means letting cooler air from outside into the roof space, and pushing the warmer air out.

In winter, it means letting condensation out , and replacing it with drier air. This allows the moisture to leave the ceiling cavity so it doesn't pool and cause issues with mould.

Source: Universal Fans

How does ventilation increase comfort in the home?

Home ventilation can’t change the temperature outside, but it can maintain the “just right” temperature inside the home, decreasing the need for artificial cooling like air conditioning.

Source: RJ Ventilation

Ventilation systems can be installed on new and existing roofs.

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