Roofing claims explained

Even a small amount of hail damage to your roof can warrant an insurance claim. We're not just saying this to make money - those small marks on your roof will shorten the life of your roof.

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Hail damage will shorten the life of your roof.

It is worth contacting your insurance provider if you think your property has been damaged by hail, even if you don't know to what extent. Commonly, your insurance company will cover damages to your roof through repairs, replacement or through a payment.

Insurers have their own preferred contractors who are often from out of town and provide massive quotes to carry out works to your property. Unfortunately, this usually means that if something goes wrong after they leave, they don’t come back and it takes longer for your insurer to find someone to fix it. Learn how to keep the work local, and have peace of mind knowing we will be there for you 24/7, even after the works are complete.

1. Start a claim

Make contact with your insurance provider to get the claims process started.

2. Assessor will inspect

Once you have started your claim your insurance provider will send an assessor to inspect your roof. Their task is to determine any loss in the roof’s value. Your insurance company will decide to process your claim based on the findings from the assessor.

If you get denied, give us a call. We may be able to persuade your insurance company to change their mind if we believe your roof has been damaged, or we'll provide you with a quote if you choose to do it yourself.

3. Insurance company's contractor to assess

Your insurer may contract qualified tradespeople to inspect your property and provide a quote for repair work (sometimes referred to as scope of works). Often these contractors are based from out of town and have been known to give exaggerated quotes to the insurer. Alternatively, you may be asked to gather your own quotes for the insurer to consider. We can help you there too.

Insurers often warn customers that they will void their lifetime warranty on their roof if they use someone other than their preferred contractor. However, you'll find that almost all local contractors will warranty their own work, for a lot less paperwork! When asking the locals for quotes, ask them about their warranty policy.

4. Consider a cash settlement

Now that the insurer has provided you with a scope of works from their contractor, you will know how much the insurer is willing to pay to complete the works.

Helpful tip: If the contractor’s quote doesn’t list a dollar value, request it. This amount will be what the insurance company will pay you if you choose to employ us to look after your repairs.

Call 0418 800 018 and ask us to quote your roof repairs. Compare our quote with the insurance contractor’s quote. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much you may save by getting us to do your work.

5. Request a cash settlement

Your insurer will usually process your cash settlement and have the money transferred to your bank account straight away. Some insurers may not offer cash settlements but will still let you choose which contractor does the work.

6. Approve your quote from us

Let us know you are happy to go ahead with the quote. If there are any changes or extras you want, let us know before we book in the job. We'll order the materials and give you an estimate on when we can complete your roof. If you want it done by a certain time, let us know and we'll try our best to accommodate your request.

7. Aftercare

We always try our best to give you a high quality roof that will have no leaks or need any repairs for a long time. However, we are humans and sometimes make mistakes. The good thing is, we're local so we can be back at your property and fix it up ASAP. We're a 24/7 company, so if you have an emergency on the weekend, we'll be there for you. And depending on the problem, it may be under warranty, in which case there will be no charge to you.

If you have any other questions, or if you're after a quote, please call Andrew on 0418 800 018.