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The best way to clean a toilet – as voted by Aussie Mums

Say goodbye to scrubbing and urine stains. Australian mums are sharing their toilet cleaning hacks with the world.

Facebook group Mums Who Clean is a hub of mums from around the country who share photos of their cleaning transformations and reveal the products they use to achieve the jaw-dropping results.

A topic that frequently comes up is removing urine odour from the toilet.

If you’re a parent of young kids, you may be familiar with the headache that comes from keeping your toilet area odour free.

Here are the most popular recommendations to clean and remove urine smell from the toilet.

Shaving cream hack

1. Pull of the toilet seat and soak in hot bleach water (yes, the toilet seat comes off)

2. Smear shaving cream (don’t splurge – the cheapest shaving cream will do the trick) on the wall tiles, the toilet and the floor.

Optional – make yourself a cuppa while…

3. The shaving cream is left for 10-30minutes before wiping off with a mop and hot water.

Warning – don’t let the shaving cream go hard as it is hard to remove.

4. Flush the grime build up from where the seat attached to top of toilet. This is ultimately where the smell comes from.

One poster shared

“My toilet looks like new. Tried the shaving cream cleaning tip today after reading about it yesterday and the toilet is as fresh as a daisy... it's the first time in years you can walk past and it doesn't smell like a urinal.”

An popular product alternative for cleaning the toilet was to use No Vac.

No Vac

Also a cheap and effective way of cleaning toilet grime, No Vac will sanitise, deodorise and remove spots and stains from the toilet and bathroom.

One user explained their cleaned process:

“After a quick vac I sprayed my loo floor with No Vac Carpet sanitiser foam... It foams like shaving cream but has the added bonus that it is a sanitiser and deodoriser! I left it a few minutes, gave the grout a quick scrub with my grout brush and wiped off with an old towelling nappy (you could probably use paper towel instead). It smells divine (I used the 'pet' variety)”

Another recommended cleaning agent is Bosisto's Australia multi-purpose spray.

Bosisto's Australia Bathroom & Shower spray

Bosisto's Australia's Bathroom & Shower spray a powerful bathroom cleaner with pure eucalyptus oil. It will cut through soap scum and grime and kill common household germs.

The company's directions for use:

- For cleaning - spray surface and wipe with a damp cloth.

- For stubborn stains - allow 1 minute to penetrate.

- To kill germs - spray surface until covered, let sit for 8 minutes then wipe clean.

Praise came from the comments about its its multi-purpose use.

“Yep, works miracles. It's a staple in our cleaning cabinet. It’s also great on glass shower screens ”

Their floor cleaner is also fantastic on wooden floors”

“Love this for cleaning my tiles and grout! A great Australian cleaning brand”


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