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Upgrade trend: why two shower heads are better than one

The best bathrooms are equally as inviting as they are easy to keep clean and hygienic. For that reason, having two shower heads in the bathroom is the latest plumbing-must-have for bathroom renovations. Homeowners are making the switch from regular hand held or traditional fixed shower heads and are opting for the versatility of a twin/dual model which offers two shower heads in one shower unit.

Having both types of shower heads covers all functions you could need:

Keep water pressure

A fixed shower head has more pressure than a handheld shower head as pressure is lost when water travels through the handheld hose.


Handheld shower heads are great for rinsing without getting drenched. If you need to rinse your feet after being outside, simply grab the handheld shower head and rinse away. A handheld shower head also makes rinsing the kids a whole lot easier!

Cleaning your Shower

Handheld shower heads allow you to clean shower walls with ease. The stream from a fixed shower head can only rinse the shower walls so far, but a handheld shower head gives you the ability to rinse every inch of your shower after cleaning.

Assisted Showering

Injured or less mobile persons can shower easier by themselves with a handheld shower head giving them more independence and the possibility of showering while seated.

Bathing animals

A handheld shower head makes rinsing shampoo from your dogs fur easier and creates a much more pleasant experience for both you and your dog.

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Price: $300-$500*

Price: $500-$1,000*

Price: $1,000-$1,500*

*Prices were correct at time of publishing. Please note these are subject to change without notification.


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