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Your shower could be ruining your hair colour

Have you noticed your hair colour fading faster than your products say it should? It could have something to do with your shower — more specifically, the hard water that's running from your shower head.

The mineral deposits in hard water can affect your hair colour by making it fade, discolour, or appear dull and damaged. E.g. Causing blonde hair to tint green or orange.

What is hard water?

Water is classified as "hard" when the water contains dissolved minerals such as calcium carbonate. The same hard water is the culprit of limescale on household fixtures like pipes, kettles, taps etc.

How to stop it

The best plumbing solution to prevent further damage to your hair is to have a water softener (a type of filtration system that filters out hard water minerals) installed by one of our Gympie plumbers.

There are a range of water softeners on the market. Call Andrew on 0418 800 018 to discuss options to suit your needs.


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