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30 ways to save water

Anyone who has lived in Gympie knows that its weather is like a yo-yo. One minute it’s flooding, the next, years-long drought.

We’re looking ahead, and have written this blog during a wet season so we know what to do to save water when drought inevitably strikes Gympie again.

30 ways to save water in Gympie homes:

Picture collage of drought stricken lawn, water in bucket and water meter


1. Install dual flush toilets and use the “small flush” for number ones

2. Install water saving aerators on tap spouts.

3. Turn the water off when brushing teeth. Use a cup to rinse instead.

4. Have 4 minute showers or shorten your shower time.

5. Catch the cold water from the shower (while waiting for the hot water) and use it to water plants.

6. Wash your face with a wet wash cloth instead of leaving the water running.

7. Get a plumber to replace the washers on taps as soon as a drip is noticeable.

8. Install a water saving shower rose.

9. Turn the water off when you’re using soap. Get wet, turn the water off and soap up, then turn the water back on and rinse off.

10. The same applies between shampoo and conditioning your hair.


11. Use the dishwasher when it is full.

12. Use a bowl of water to rinse fruit and vegetables.

13. Use water from boiling vegetables to water plants (once water has cooled)

14. Refill a drink bottle instead of leaving cups of water around the house (less dishes – wahoo!)

15. Avoid using a garbage disposer. Put scraps of food in a compost or in bin. Garbage disposers in sinks require water to wash down the grinded scraps.

16. Steam rather than boil vegetables

17. Soak rather than rinse your pots and pans

18. Don't thaw food under running water. Put frozen food in the fridge to thaw overnight.


19. Only put on full loads of washing.

20. Use water efficient appliances

21. Let stained clothes soak in the sink beforehand so they don’t need to be washed twice.


22. Install a rain water tank and get the water to be connected to your toilet, laundry and outdoor hose taps.

23. Have less lawn and more gardens filled with succulents or plants that can withhold drought conditions.

24. Restrict water play in summer to a couple of days. Instead of water play, consider using dried rice for sensory play.

25. Check all your hose taps outside and ensure they don’t drip when turned off or when in use attached to a hose. Hose taps can be easily replaced if they drip or their washers can be changed.

26. Wash car with tank water or the bucket of water saved from the shower.

27. If your water bowl for your dog needs changing, chuck the water on the garden rather than down the drain.

28. Water plants late in the afternoon or early in the morning to avoid evaporation.

29. Wash driveway with a broom or air blower, rather than a hose.

30. Always check water meter for unusual water movements. Look closely at your water bill to see if there has been a dramatic increase in water usage. If there is, you could have water leak.

Newk’s Plumbing Gympie have been plumbers in the Gympie Region for over 30 years and have seen all kinds of weather events. If you need help saving water in your home or business, give the plumbing team a call on 0418 800 018.


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