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Q&A: Gympie Region rates – high water bill

My water bill was unusually high, how do I check if I have a water leak?

Before calling in a plumber, check all of your taps (inside and outside) for leaks or drips and make sure no toilets are running through.

Turn off the main tap on the street side of your water meter and record the meter reading (take a photo if it’s easier).

Make sure no one at your property uses a tap or toilet for around one hour and then check the meter again to see if the dial has moved. If the water meter reading has changed, a plumber needs to be engaged to investigate further.

If you need a plumber fast, or are still unsure, give Andrew a call on 0418 800 018 to have a Gympie plumber to you ASAP.

Undetected Water Leak Allowance Request

Property owners who have had an undetected water leak on their property can apply for a once-off, partial allowance of up to 50% of excess water usage charges, calculated by Gympie Regional Council according to its Revenue Statement.

Click here to complete the form and send it, with any supporting documents (plumber’s invoice or Statutory Declaration), via email to or post to PO Box 155 Gympie QLD 4570.

Council will provide a written response once your claim has been reviewed.



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