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Vehicles and plumbing pipes - a recipe for emergency call outs

Blocked drains or water leaks affect all households at one point or another. They can cause minor annoyance, such as water draining slowly from the sink or shower, through to major dramas with sewer or water pipes backing up, requiring emergency attention.

When we are called to these kinds of jobs, more times than not, it is because there is a broken, cracked or collapsed pipe. Over time, underground pipes can crack as a result of shifting soil. Plumbing pipes can also crack from heavy machinery/vehicles driving over the area where the pipes are buried.

Pictured: A broken water supply pipe at a Gympie property. This was caused by someone continually driving over the area above where the pipe was buried.

Once a plumbing pipe is damaged or cracked, tree roots can enter the pipe at the damaged area and grow into a mass of roots, restricting or blocking flow. As well as tree roots, anything that is put down a drain can catch on the break, building up to cause a blockage.

So, what can you do to avoid a broken or collapsed plumbing pipe?

Do not drive over your plumbing pipes.

- Find out where your sewer and water lines are. A licensed plumber can help you with this or you can contact Council who may be able to help you get drainage plans.

- We recommend our clients do not drive anything heavier than a ride on mower over their plumbing pipes.

Warning signs of an plumbing pipe issue:

o Slow to drain sinks etc

o Blocked toilet

o High water bill

o Unexplainable wet area in yard

Newk's Plumbing Gympie services the entire Gympie Region, including Tin Can Bay, Kilkivan and the Mary Valley. If you suspect you have a blocked drain or water leak, phone Andrew on 0418 800 018.


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