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Why plumbers do not recommend toilet bowl fresheners

Clip on toilet fresheners have become a popular bathroom cleaning accessory. Costing a mere $4 at most supermarkets, these gadgets are sold with strong marketing messaging claiming to “boost protection against grime for a cleaner and shinier toilet”, “improve cleaning power”, “long lasting scent”. However, clip on toilet fresheners are more trouble than they are worth.

Our plumbers at Newk’s Plumbing Gympie have seen a rise in toilet bowl fresheners causing blocked toilets and blocked sewer drains. What happens is the clip on toilet fresheners partially break or get completely detached from the toilet bowl. They then get accidently flushed down the toilet where they get lodged in the toilet pan or drain. The discovery of these plastic obstructions usually come after the home owner or tenant have had ongoing issues with their toilet blocking.

Here is an example of a clip on toilet freshener found lodged in a toilet pan:

drain camera inspection shows clip on toilet freshener stuck in toilet pan
Pictured: Drain camera inspection shows clip on toilet freshener stuck in toilet pan

Clip on toilet freshener that was removed from toilet pan
Pictured: clip on toilet freshener that was lodged in toilet pan causing toilet blockage

Our best advice is to stay clear of clip on toilet fresheners and opt for regularly cleaning your toilet instead.

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