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Q&A: Can wipes be flushed down a toilet?

Question: Can I flush wipes down the toilet?

Answer: It is a bad idea to flush pipes down a toilet.

Only human waste and toilet paper should be flushed down a toilet.

Wipes, including “flushable wipes” are not designed to break down quickly. Wet wipes typically contain a level of plastic so they don’t disintegrate like toilet paper when flushed. When a wipe is flushed, it can get caught and block your home sewer drain or cause blockages and overflows further down the sewer line.

On left, hand removing wet wipe from packed. On right, sewerage from blocked pipe overflowing on ground
"Flushable wipes" can make a mess of your sewer system

If you need to use wipes, it is best practice to bin them, not to flush them.

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