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5 Easy Bathroom Updates

Want a new look for the most relaxing room in the house? Follow our 5 Step Guide for Budget friendly updates.

1. Plants

Plants add colour to even the simplest of Bathrooms. If you're lucky enough to have a friend with plants, get a few cuttings to grow in water.

Cost: $

2. Storage

The smallest bathroom area can be made to look larger with the use of Storage with Mirrors. Use old crates as a table next to the Bathtub or even as a shower seat

(Perfect for shaving in the shower)

Cost: $

3. Paint

A paintbrush, masking tape and a tin of paint are all you need to completely change the look of your bathroom. Pure white bathrooms are a great blank canvas to accessorize with bright colours, natural timbers or theme to your individual style.

Cost: $

4. Accessories

Swap out those old tap fittings and toilet roll holders for something fresh and modern. Showerheads can also be replaced by the Newk's Plumbing Gympie Team to give you a rainforest shower experience.

Cost: $$

5. Toilet

Changing your current toilet to a wall mount toilet will not only make you feel luxurious but will also add value to your Home. A wall mount toilet reduces the amount of space taken up in the Bathroom.

Cost: $$


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