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Are you compliant with council regulations?

backflow device gympie
A backflow device can be easily installed by a licensed plumber

Backflow maintenance helps protect the quality of our clean water supply.

A backflow device can be easily installed by a licensed plumber to prevent dirty water reverse-flowing into clean, potable water.

Gympie Regional Council requires yearly testing of backflow prevention devices so we can all enjoy safe water without the worry of getting sick.

You may have/need a backflow device if you have any of the following on your property:

  • an irrigation system

  • fire hose reels

  • commercial or industrial equipment or activities that could pollute the drinking water supply (such as air conditioning cooling towers or chemical cleaning areas)

  • water outlets in proximity to pollutants, grease traps or chemicals

  • an alternate water supply.

How to keep your backflow device maintained -

Backflow maintenance involves a number of steps. It is a council requirement to use a licensed plumber. To make sure everything is working properly, you can expect a Newk’s accredited plumber to:

  1. Check. One of our qualified, Gympie plumbers will check your backflow device for signs of wear and tear.

  2. Test. After testing, our plumber will test the device to ensure it works properly.

  3. Submit. Our team will submit the test results to Gympie Regional Council.

  4. Maintain. If your device didn’t pass the test, our certified plumber will complete any maintenance required. We will then retest and submit the results.


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