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Are your fixtures at risk? Your Warranty won't cover this!

Think high water pressure is good? Think again! If your water pressure isn't under 500kpa you could be in for some serious bills. Most fixture and appliance warranties and insurance policies are void if your pressure is too high.

Burst pipes and insurance coverage

Burst pipes are a common sign of high water pressure and especially common in Tin Can Bay recently. If you're lucky, these pipes will be outside your home, but they could come from inside your walls. Not only will this lead to a high water bill, but your insurance company may not cover any damage if your water pressure is over the Australian legal limit of 500kpa.

Warranty on fixtures and appliances

If your fixtures break under their warranty, the company who replaces them will ALWAYS check your water pressure. If it's too high, you will be stuck with the bill for the plumber's labour and the materials.

The solution

We can test your pressure for you nice and quickly. If your water pressure is within the legal limits, great! You get peace of mind and a small bill for our time (feel free to ask for a no obligation quote over the phone). If we find it is too high, we can install a pressure reduction valve. This will bring your pressure down to an appropriate level, protecting your pipes, appliances and fixtures. It might even reduce your water bill!

To book in for a water pressure test, call Andrew on 0418 800 018.


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