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Buying a house? Get a Plumbing Inspection done first!

Before buying a house, we recommend getting a plumbing inspection completed for the property. You may be able to pick up some warning signs yourself, but a qualified plumber is able to detect underlying problems. We can even give you a quote to fix any problems we find. This gives you the power to negotiate knowing how much you will need to spend on plumbing repairs, or know to move onto a home without a $10,000+ plumbing problem.

We'll perform a variety of checks on the property and can use camera equipment to see down the drains. This allows us to check for broken pipes and tree roots that can cause blockages and can be costly to replace. Other items we'll check include:

  • The hot water system: we'll be able to tell you how efficiently it's running and whether it will need replacing soon. It may just need a good clean out performed on it, which should be performed annually - see why HERE.

  • We'll use a drain inspection camera to determine the condition of the pipework. This will show any tree roots or cracks in the pipes which will need replacement. It's best to know about these problems before you buy, as drain repairs can be costly if the entire system needs to be replaced.

  • We'll look for both the obvious and the hidden leaks that can be inside or outside the house. These can be in the pipework or in your fixtures (most commonly in toilets, showers and sinks). We'll perform tests to pick up leaks that could have remained hidden for years, gradually adding to your water bill each quarter.

  • It's important to make sure the water shut off valve is in good working condition and that you know where and how to use it. There's nothing worse than having a burst pipe or a bad leak and not knowing how to turn off your water - except for maybe knowing where it is and have it not work. This can cause serious damage to your property, so it's always best to have a plumber check this out for you.

  • Lead piping can still be found in older homes, which can cause health issues to you and your family. We'll check that all plumbing is in good condition and won't harm anyone who drinks water from your pipes.

  • We're also qualified roofers - we'll check on the condition of the roof and guttering to make sure there's no rust or hail damaged left over from last year's October storm.

These are just a sample of the items we'll check during an inspection. We'll present all problems to you in a report, including quotes to repair or replace the affected areas. Don't get caught out when buying your next home - call Andrew on 0418 800 018 to book an inspection or find out more information.


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