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5 reasons your bathroom smells like a sewer (and how to fix them!)

Have you ever walked into a bathroom and been met by a strong pong? Before you blame your house mate, here are five reasons your bathroom smells like a sewer and how to fix them.

1. Dry floor waste

This often happens when a shower or basin is left unused. When the floor waste is dry, and the water seal has evaporated, sewer main gasses escape through the drain and into your bathroom. To create a barrier between the sewer main and your bathroom, simply run the shower or basin tap for a couple of minutes.

How plumbing fixtures stop sewer gas entering buildings
A water trap stops sewer gasses from entering your home

2. Gunk in the traps Basin and shower traps can get full of gunk overtime from toothpaste, soap and hair. The bacteria in the trap can cause an odour in the bathroom. We have the equipment and the know how to effectively clean your traps but if you can’t get us out, try a solution of vinegar, baking soda and hot water.

3. Perished rubber seal on toilet waste An unconcealed toilet trap has a rubber seal on the toilet waste (aka pan collar). Over time, the pan collar will perish, allowing sewer gasses to escape into your bathroom. It is best to call our team of Gympie plumbers for this job as the toilet pan will need to be removed.

4. Lack of ventilation A steamy bathroom is a haven for mould and mildew to form. A well ventilated bathroom (with an exhaust fan or window) will remove the steam from your bathroom and help prevent mould and mildew from growing. Mould can also be caused by a water leak within the bathroom walls. Our Gympie plumbers can conduct specialised tests to locate the source of the leak and fix it to prevent more mould.

5. Partially blocked toilet

A partially blocked toilet will cause a nasty smell if left to fester. You can plunge the toilet yourself in an attempt to unblock the toilet, but if unsuccessful, call us to get a Gympie plumber out to you. Experiencing any of the plumbing problems above? Call Andrew on 0418 800 018.


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