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Small Bathroom Designs – how to make your bathroom feel bigger

There are several visual tricks that can create the illusion of more space in a small bathroom or ensuite.

1. Tiles

Large rectangular tiles with minimal contrasting grout lines and tiling to the ceiling will make a small bathroom or ensuite feel larger.

2. Mirrors

Large mirrors and reflective surfaces will bounce the light around the room making the space seem larger.

3. Colour palette

Limit the use of too many colours. Too many colours or patterns will make the bathroom feel cluttered and small.

4. Lighting

A strategically placed window or overhead skylight will maximise the amount of natural light entering a small bathroom and make the space feel larger.

5. Shower

A frameless glass panel (instead of a glass shower door) lets the space remain open and bright without the visual of a frame cutting through the room.

6. Recessed shelving

Recessed shelving in the bathroom allows items to be neatly stored off the floor, reducing clutter.

7. Tapware

Wall-mounted tapware above the basin removes the need for a tap landing, which means the bathroom vanity can be narrower.

8. Towel racks

Use hooks instead of towel racks or mount the towel bar on a door to save space.

9. Vanity

A wall-hung vanity sits up off the floor, visually helping to make the bathroom feel larger.

10. Mirrored recessed cabinet

A fully mirrored recessed medicine cabinet once installed looks like a wall hung mirror but has hidden storage of the depth of a standard wall.

11. Toilet

A concealed toilet cistern inside the wall can save on valuable floor space in a small bathroom or ensuite.

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