Don't be a victim of flexible hose floods

Updated: Jul 2

No one wants to arrive home from work or holiday to be greeted by this.

An indoor hose bursts or ruptures...... A wave of watery destruction gushes everywhere... The damages bill creeps higher and higher with every minute that passes... If only there was an easy way to prevent it... Oh wait, there is!

Introducing... a Flood Stop Isolation Tap. This ingenious plumbing invention stops the flow of water the moment the flexible hose it is connected to bursts.

The water supply immediately shuts off to the hose without affecting other water supply at the property.

Everyone will have at least one stainless steel flexible hose in their house. They are commonly used to hook up toilet cisterns and taps.

No special tools are required to reset the tap, making the Flood Stop Isolation Tap a Newk's Plumbing approved recommendation for everyone.

It is a simple and affordable product that could save you a lot of money and heartache.

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