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Sustainable Plumbing: Why invest in a Rainwater Tank

Did you know that the great outdoors accounts for up to 50% of home water usage? This means you could majorly reduce your water bill by installing a rainwater tank. They come in all shapes and prices, meaning you can find one to suit even a small budget. Plus, the savings will pay back your investment sooner than you might think!

Try using your rainwater tank to wash your car, water your plants and top up your pool.

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Outdoor water saving tips:

  • Water your garden in the morning or late afternoon. The cooler temperatures allow your plants to absorb more water before it evaporates!

  • Choose drought resistant plants for an interesting low-water use garden.

  • Use a broom and/or cloth to clean dirt off porches, driveways and the side of your house instead of a hose.

  • Cover your pool - this reduces evaporation. Also check to make sure your pool isn't overfilled as this can result in water loss through splashing.


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