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What to do if you have a burst water pipe

1. Switch off electricity

Never try to mop up water while electrical devices are plugged in close by. To be safe, switch off the electricity at the source.

2. Find a bucket

If the water is dripping down, as opposed to coming up through the floor, get a container to catch the water. If it's a bad leak, this can reduce the damage caused before you complete Step 3.

3. Shut off your water at the valve

This will stop the source of the water flowing out of the burst pipe. This valve is usually located in your front yard or with your water meter on the front of your home. All residents should be aware of it's location to save time during an emergency. If you're a landlord, make sure to tell your tenant when they move in.

4. Call Newk's Plumbing on 0418 800 018

We're 24/7 so we're able to help you whenever your emergency happens. Please be aware: if it's after hours, there is a call out fee to cover the increased price of wages that we have to pay. We will still charge the same hourly rate though.

5. Drain water remaining in pipes

There is still water sitting in your pipes, even after turning the water off. While you're waiting for us to get there, turn on your cold water taps to drain the water from your pipes. Turn off your hot water unit before turning on your hot water taps. This helps us begin repairs sooner.

If you need an emergency plumber, Andrew can be reached 24/7 on 0418 800 0198


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