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When should I call an emergency plumber?

There are certain jobs that need urgent attention to reduce damage and to ensure the safety of a building's residents. Others can wait until normal business hours. Below are some common plumbing problems and what to do if they happen in your house.

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Burst pipe

Burst pipes can very quickly cause damage to walls, cabinets and flooring. They can also leave you with a significant water bill if not attended to urgently. Pipes can rupture due to age, impact or significant amounts of rain.

If your have a burst pipe at your house, turn the water main off and call a plumber. Depending on the severity of the damage, we may need to repair the pipe before you can use water in your house again.

The water main is usually located next to your meter. If we've done work at your property before, we may be able to tell you where it is. If you're unsure where it is, you can ask us to locate it while we're doing your next plumbing job.

Gas leak

Gas leaks are very dangerous and can cause serious injury and death. If you suspect a leak, or can smell gas, immediately turn off all gas appliances and your gas main. Open all windows and doors to allow fresh air into your home and call a gas fitter urgently.

Gas can cause asphyxiation in small areas and is highly flammable. Never use lighters, candles or electrical equipment around a suspected gas leak. Our emergency gas fitters are available 24/7 for any suspected leaks.

Blocked toilet

If you have a blocked toilet, please do not flush it again or continue to use it. This can cause the toilet to overflow. We will send someone out asap with a drain cleaning machine to unblock your toilet and get your system working again.

No hot water

In the cooler months, hot water is definitely a necessity. Before you call anyone, check to see if there is gas or electricity to the rest of the house. Generally, if there's water in your taps but it's not heating, it's a problem for an electrician.

Still unsure?

Call our 24/7 number 0418 800 018 and speak to one of our plumbers about the problem. If it's not urgent, they may be able to talk you through what to do to keep things going until business hours to save you from paying a call out fee. However, if the problem needs immediate action, we'll send someone around to fix the problem as soon as possible.


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