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WTF... Water Tastes Foul!

Water tasting too metallic? Colour not exactly appealing to the naked eye? Your Sink left tarnished? The Team at Newk's Plumbing Gympie have over 25 years experience and can find a solution for you.

Common causes of poor water quality are easily resolved by calling in one of our expert Plumbers to have a look at your pipes.

The waft of rotten eggs coming from your sink is not the most pleasant way to welcome in a new day, however don't worry it's not your cooking! This common complaint is usually the result of a build up in sulphides in the pipes and can be easily fixed.

Blue and Green staining being left behind on your plumbing fixtures and sink is the result of corrosive materials or water with a low pH level. Sometimes the fixtures are salvageable, other times it's an excuse to go shopping for new ones.. it's for the house so it doesn't come out of your retail therapy budget.

Water that leaves a white murky buildup on your fixtures and glass is known as "Hard Water" which means it's comprised of lots of minerals that are left behind when the water dries out. Hard Water can also cause scalp buildup and prevent you from having a truly cleansing shower. Ask Newk's Plumbing about Shower Heads that can combat hard water.

If your tap water is one of the fifty shades of grey or brown, you may need a filter. The Newk's Plumbing team can install a water filter or check to see that the discolouration isn't being caused by oxidised metals, that unfortunately will require a pipe replacement. When water becomes corrosive, we suggest adding acid neutralising agents to your water. This can be achieved through a treatment system.

Turning on the tap and enjoying a crystal clear glass of great tasting water is possible! Just Call the Team at Newk's Plumbing Gympie on 0418 800 018


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