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Your plumbing could be giving you dry skin

Have you noticed lately that your hair or skin are getting dry and cracked? Hands cracking worse than your Nan's ugly wallpaper? It's normal for hands to get a little drier during winter, but if you find yourself constantly moisturising only to feel like you're getting nowhere, there might be another cause.

Water that contains a lot of minerals is known as hard water. These minerals are generally harmless, but can have annoying consequences. Signs of possible hard water are:

  • Dry skin, clogged pores, acne, dermatitis and eczema,

  • Rough, dull and hard to style hair,

  • Rough clothing,

  • Soap not lathering properly,

  • Skin that seems to have a film of soap after a shower,

  • Scale build-up, stains and films on shower doors, faucets, bathtubs and walls, or

  • Low pressure.

The solution

We can test your water to determine how hard it is, and based on the findings, we can recommend a solution to suit your budget. Low priced options include installing a filtration shower head. If you want your whole house to be protected though, we can install a whole home filtration system.


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