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5 ways to baby-proof your plumbing

Congratulations! If you’re reading this, there is probably a little bundle of joy coming into your life soon.

Plumbing may seem like the last thing to consider when preparing for the arrival of a baby.

However, everything about caring for a baby gets easier when you’re living in a comfortable, safe space. Plumbing and hot water are a huge part of that.

The best time to address plumbing issues and upgrades is before the baby arrives.

Here are our top 5 suggestions:

1. Toilet seat locks

For youngsters who haven’t yet learned that the toilet does not require a sacrifice – you’ll want to install a toilet seat lock. They are easy for adults and older children to undo, all the while preventing the baby from opening the lid and putting various items down the toilet.

It is a common misconception that once something is flushed it goes straight to the sewer, but that is not the case. Often a flushed toy for example, will get stuck in the toilet itself or the stub. In most cases this requires the water to be shut off and the toilet to be removed so the toy can be fished out from wherever it is jammed.

Average cost: $-$$

2. Nappy sprayer (hand held bidet sprayer)

Nappy/diaper sprayers act like mini hand-controlled shower heads for quick, easy clean-up of cloth nappies. They are easily installed on your toilet so you can flush away messes before putting the cloth nappy in the washing machine.

Average cost: $$-$$$

3. Water softener

Installing a water softener is in the best interest of everyone in your home. The minerals that are found in hard water quickly dry out skin and hair which can be very uncomfortable for your baby.

Installing a water softener will also prevent hard water causing limescale build up on fixtures.

Average cost: $$$$

4. Sink baskets

If your drains don’t already have baskets in them, it’s time to make to install some. They are inexpensive and will stop small items from going down the drain. So, if your child drops a small toy, a candy wrapper, or tissues into the sink, you won’t end up with a clogged drain.

Average cost: $

5. Plumbing inspection

When you have a new baby in the house, plumbing leaks and issues are a major inconvenience. It’s always best to know of any potential plumbing issues before they happen. That is why getting a plumbing inspection is so important. Our qualified plumbers can detect any underlying problems at your property and will present all problems to you in a report, including quotes to repair or replace the affected areas.

Average cost: $$$ (ask Andrew for a plumbing inspection quote over the phone)

Give yourself one less thing to worry about before your new arrival and have your plumbing checked. Give Andrew a call on 0418 800 018. Good luck, and congratulations!


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