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Q&A: How do I get water to my new fridge?

I bought a new fridge that has filtered water and an ice dispenser. How do I get water to it?

Get your plumber to run a water line to the location of your new fridge. Your plumber can run the water line through the roof and dropped down the wall, underneath the floor or concealed in cabinetry.

When plumbing in a fridge, your plumber will make sure there is a mini stop, water filter and pressure limiting valve. Sometimes these can be installed behind the fridge if the minimum clearance around the appliance allows (some require a 50mm gap), or it can be concealed in a cabinet next to your fridge.

For help plumbing in your new fridge, give the team at Newk's Plumbing Gympie a call on 0418 800 018.


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