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Sustainable plumbing: bottled vs tap water

We've answered some common problems with tap water below. Did you know 370 million plastic water bottles are used in Australia every year? What's worse, is that only a fraction of those end up in recycling bins. While bottled water may be convenient, it's much better for the environment and your wallet if you fill up at home. We've answered some common problems with tap water below.

I want cold water straight from the tap

If you want complete convenience, we can install an instant cold and boiling water filter system in your home. Otherwise, you can fill up your water bottles ahead of time and keep them in the fridge.

But what if my water tastes foul?

Common causes of poor water quality are able to be resolved easily by one of our professional plumbers. Fixes can be simple and cost effective, such as simply installing new fittings. If you want a full overhaul, we can also install a whole home filtration system that will filter out all chemicals and dirt leaving you with perfect tasting fresh water.

If you are after a short term solution, your local Big W or kitchen store should have water filters available to buy and keep in your fridge for filtered cold water on demand.

What if I prefer sparkling water?

Why not try purchasing a Sodastream to have sparkling water on demand without using a multitude of plastic bottles! We have one in the Newk's Plumbing office that we love.


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