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Q&A: Why are there tree roots in my drain?

Question: There are tree roots in my drain. What do I do?

How tree roots get into stormwater and sewer drainage:

Sewer and stormwater drains are subject to crack over time due to ground movement. Tree roots penetrate the fractures in the d

rain, seeking moisture and nutrients. As the tree roots continue to grow and follow the water source, the more damage is caused to your drainage system. Roots will stop the drain from flowing freely and will cause the waste water to back up and flow out of your overflow relief gully or into your home if left for too long.

Read about early signs of a blocked drain here: Warning signs you have a blocked drain in Gympie

Newk’s Plumbing Gympie have the right equipment to assess and clear drain blockages across the Gympie Region.

They have industry leading CCTV drain cameras and drain jetters to assess and clear blockages in sewer and stormwater drains. From there, they can recommend the best solution to repair your drainage.

To book a plumber or to ask for advice, phone Andrew on 0418 800 018.

tree roots that have entered a pipe, causing the drain to block


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